Mouwad Jewellery Case Study chopson 26 February 2024
Mouwad Jewellery Case Study

Mouawad Jewellery – Elevating Luxury with Seamless Facilities Management


Our Facilities Management business takes pride in delivering bespoke solutions for clients in diverse sectors. This case study highlights our collaboration with Mouawad Jewellery, a renowned high-end brand, for their opulent retail space within one of London’s highest-rated hotels. This project showcases our expertise in seamlessly integrating comprehensive heating, cooling, and ventilation services into a luxurious environment.


Client Background


Mouawad Jewellery, synonymous with opulence and craftsmanship, entrusted us with the task of creating a harmonious and comfortable ambiance for their high-end retail space. Located within a prestigious London hotel, this project demanded a sophisticated approach to facilities management, aligning with both the brand’s image and the hotel’s standards.


Scope of work


The project involved the installation of full heating, cooling, and ventilation services. Leveraging the hotel’s existing infrastructure, we utilised services such as chilled water and low-pressure hot water (LPHW) heating. The intricate nature of the project required careful coordination to ensure that all services seamlessly integrated into the extensive and high-class fit-out, characterised by high ceilings and decorative artwork.


Challenges & Results


Integration with the Hotel services


Leveraging the hotel’s chilled water and LPHW heating services required precise coordination to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure while meeting Mouawad’s unique requirements.


Aesthetic harmony


The challenge was to install heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that complemented the extensive and high-class fit-out, ensuring that all services were discreetly obscured by the luxurious surroundings.


Operational standards


The project prioritised not only the visual appeal but also the efficiency of the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for customers.


Project success


The Mouawad Jewellery retail space opened its doors in October, marking the successful culmination of our facilities management services. The seamless integration of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems has contributed to the store’s success, offering a luxurious and comfortable environment for patrons.

Client satisfaction


The successful opening of Mouawad Jewellery’s retail space within the high-rated London hotel is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in facilities management. The discreet and efficient installation of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems has resulted in positive feedback from both the client and their customers.


This showcases our ability to navigate the intricacies of high-end retail environments. By seamlessly integrating facilities management services into the luxurious setting of Mouawad Jewellery’s store, we have demonstrated our commitment to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction, positioning our business as a trusted partner for clients seeking excellence in facilities management.

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